mg游戏平台’s 系统分析 Team brought together demand and capacity information into one model to furnish United Airlines intelligence on current operations and future growth.



该航空公司需要看到其七个国内餐饮中心的未来. mg游戏平台的容量模型帮助其管理空间和资本投资.


When most air travelers see the drink cart rolling down the aisle, they think about what to order. Zary Peretz想到了物流.

“我是一名训练有素的工业工程师, 所以我的天性就是思考如何把事情做得更好,佩雷兹说, mg游戏平台系统分析项目分析师. 我朝购物车的抽屉看了看, 我看到卡车从我的窗外开过来,以及它是如何组织起来的.”

自2018年以来,佩雷茨和哈斯克尔 系统分析 & 建模 team have analyzed United Airlines’ seven domestic catering hubs to ensure adequate square footage and the equipment required to service their flights through 2030 and beyond.

订婚开始于新泽西州的纽瓦克,在那里,现有的 联合航空公司餐饮运营厨房 was displaced from its previous on-site location by the renovation and expansion of Newark Liberty 国际 Airport. 然后将附近的仓库改造成食品安全的商业厨房, 哈斯克尔花了将近1亿美元,000小时的操作建模和分析.

Team members blended data from three different sources to build a demand model for the catering kitchens: Peak Flight Schedules, 厨房配置图和膳食时间表的市场. 一旦他们有了需求方的详细信息, they gathered information about capacity through direct system observations and interviews with key stakeholders at their catering operations. 

Bringing together demand and capacity information into one model enabled the team to calculate the space needed during peak loads. Material handling, storage and flow were modeled to meet throughput and ergonomic requirements. 量化整个设施的空间需求, mg游戏平台 analyzed the complex variety of items served by United’s catering operations, 它可以, 在某些情况下, 为每个航班定制. The model assigned time and space to each step of the process and aggregated these requirements across United’s end-to-end process. 

The model’s output showed how many operator workstations would be required to achieve current operations and growth models. 除了建模设施的输出和空间需求, the mg游戏平台 team closely worked with United’s operations team to optimize the space and equipment for their new facility.

Peretz说:“第一次工作让我意识到这是一个多么手工的过程。. “它没有标准化. 提高效率比改变足迹要容易得多.”

The 系统分析 group applied the knowledge they gained in Newark to inform their analysis of the other six catering facilities, 位于华盛顿, D.C., Dulles; Chicago O’Hare, 洛杉矶国际机场, 旧金山国际机场, 休斯敦乔治布什国际公司和丹佛国际公司.

Peretz developed an Excel-based tool that considered 14 distinct areas of the overall process, from the macro (the hub’s kitchen size) to the micro (how many beverage kits were needed). 值 for each variable could be entered to generate a qualitative understanding of capacity and the operational improvements necessary to achieve desired results.

结果是, 曼联现在可以提前计划克服限制, 改革其预算方法, 每个餐饮中心的时间表和施工负荷.

“在未来3到10年, 美联航预计其提供的航班数量将发生巨大变化,佩雷茨说. “They are investing in purchasing a number of new airplanes and want to know the forecast by the size of the planes and how to service them efficiently.”

类似的工具和分析可以并且确实产生了能力智能, 最终, 节省时间和成本-在其他生产设置, 是否食物, 饮料或啤酒, 葡萄酒和烈酒. It also applies to the healthcare industry evaluating space usage and patient experience. The new modeling is a living tool that can be updated as necessary and remains pertinent throughout the line’s lifecycle.

“我非常喜欢创造性地解决问题,佩雷兹说, a 2017 double major graduate in Industrial and Systems 工程 and Business from Georgia Tech who works out of mg游戏平台’s mg游戏官网 office. “The real goal in my career is to push the team to do things that we haven’t done before.

“多年来,我们一直在执行复杂的分析项目. 这是对一个大规模的手工过程的分析. 我们接受了整个团队的专业知识. 我们没有碰锤子, but getting the informed decisions for future consideration created a lot of real trust with the client.”

联系mg游戏平台的系统分析团队 为了深处, nuanced analysis it takes to leverage data to draw informed conclusions and support real-world decisions across a wide variety of industries.

mg游戏平台每年在架构方面的投入超过20亿美元, 工程, 建设 (AEC) and 咨询 solutions to assure certainty of outcome for complex capital projects worldwide. mg游戏平台是一个全球性的, 完全集成, 单一来源的设计建造和EPC公司拥有超过2,300高度专业化, 内部设计, construction and administrative professionals across industrial and commercial markets. 在全球拥有20多个办公地点, mg游戏平台是全球和新兴客户值得信赖的合作伙伴.

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